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Definitely not Raw Milk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite my detox issues of the night before I was asleep by 8:30 last night. I slept til 5:30 and then alternately dozed and read til about 7am.  (That’s par for the course for me on a Friday morning).

I got up and went in the kitchen, to make breakfast. I wasn’t really hungry, so I kept stopping to do other things. Put away dishes, start some yogurt.  Look at the milk I’m attempting to clabber (it separated last night). Anything but crack an egg in the pan. I was mixing strained yogurt in with the stuff I had strained the other day and a glob went on the kitchen counter.  I picked it up and ate it.  Wow.  tangy beyond belief and it tasted so good.

I finally ran out of things to do and made my breakfast. 2 farm fresh eggs straight from the farm, fried in a bit of raw butter.  I started to eat them and they were good, but I only got through maybe one egg.  I just couldn’t eat much. So much for the gorging I was afraid I would do today.

I did manage to get through some of my homemade yogurt. It took me 30 minutes to finish 1/4 cup the first time.  It was just really tangy.  It stayed down well, so an hour later, I had another 1/4 of a cup with a few frozen blueberries added.

After I finished running some errands, I had 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds. I figured that they were small and I could eat just a few if there were issues.  Then I had a beef rollup (slice of roast beef inside a slice of provolone cheese).  That went down well too, but I’m still eating very slowly

One more errand and that was to drive to the ranch to pick up my spring meat order.  Seems I forgot that I not only ordered 50 pounds of beef, but 1/4 of a pig as well.  So once home it was all about getting it into my freezers before my fingers froze off.

My hunger indicator is off, I’m not hungry at all.  So I’m having to specifically remember to feed myself something. After putting the meat away I made myself eat 2 more beef rollups. Even remembering to drink water is hard.  Since I was getting all my fluids from the milk, having to remember to pick up my container of water to take a drink is really an effort.  I’m not very thirsty so that isn’t serving as a reminder. But I do need to keep hydrated.

By the late afternoon, I felt that I could actually eat a real meal. So I took myself out for sushi.  I ordered a few rolls.  I ate my fill and took the rest home.  It was delicious. My taste buds are definitely newly born.

Which got me wondering. Food tastes really good to me right now, the flavors are bright and defined and amazing. I don’t think that it was just a reaction to only having one taste in my mouth for 3 weeks.  I think something regenerated. My tastebuds were given 3 weeks off and now are at peak form.  What other areas in my body have done the same thing that I can’t tell as easily?

I had no detoxing issues today, I fully expected that I might, so since my detoxing issues only happened in the afternoon (when it did), I’m pretty confident that the milk that was affecting the detox was that day’s milk. The quantity of it, as well as the quality. I’m also confident that it was a detox/healing rather than an illness.  If it was an illness, I would have felt it for 24 hours a day rather than the 6 – 9 hours I did. And it wouldn’t have gone away the moment I wasn’t ingesting any milk.  Think about that.  I am.

I learned a lot from 3 weeks of only raw milk. It wasn’t a deprivation diet at all.  I never experienced a moment of hunger or of thirst. My body healed in ways that I never expected. It also reinforced the fact that our government is telling us things that are not true.  If raw milk was as horrible and death-giving as they keep telling us, I should have been at the least, extremely ill and possibly even hospitalized from this experiment.  I’m not.  I’m happy, healthy and whole.  And looking forward to my next glass of raw milk.

If you’ve read all the way through these 25 posts, thank you.  Its been an honor to do this and document it.  I hope someone will find it useful in the future if and when embarking on this cure.

Being My Own Human Guinea Pig

Weight went down to  196.0. My basal temperature dropped slightly. Officially, my weight loss while on the milk cure was 5.4 pounds.

Blood Glucose was down most of the day. It went up at bedtime, but I expected that because of the carbohydrates in sushi.

My tongue was mostly pink this morning. Just a little bit of white in the middle furrow, towards my throat.

Because I’m not continuing this, I’m going to let you know that on day 23, I weighed 195.6 pounds (a total loss of 5.8 pounds and my fasting  blood sugar was 103).   The white tongue was gone by day 23 and back to a normal pink.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
Day 1 200.2 98.2 115 120 103
Day 2 198.2 100.2/99.1 124 115 129
Day 3 197.2 97.9 150 96 119
Day 4 198.0 98.1 151 116 107
Day 5 197.4 98.1 116 105 101
Day 6 198.0 97.8 134 113 106
Day 7 198.2 98.2 134 107 85
Day 8 197.8 97.9 99 102 107
Day 9 197.8 98.1 105 95 93
Day 10 196.6 98.3 94 112 105
Day 11 196.8 97.9 142 114 92
Day 12 196.8 97.9 98 103 103
Day 13 196.8 98.0 112 100 89
Day 14 197.2 98.1 107 107 95
Day 15 197.2 98.1 91 92 81
Day 16 196.2 98.2 97 96 96
Day 17 195.6 98.3 107 110 97
Day 18 196.0 97.8 116 110 106
Day 19 196.0 97.5 N/A 108 105
Day 20 196.0 98.1 132 98 105
Day 21 196.4 98.1 124 106 98
Day 22 196.0 97.9 103 82 120

4 Responses to “Milk Cure 2012: The Day After”

  1. Bravo!

    I have to say I was strangely fascinated, by your whole ordeal.

    #1 I think your crazy. I say that with the utmost affection, but to “guinea pig” yourself this way, what where you thinking? I am sure you thought things through and had a contingency plan, yada, yada… still.. you are crazy. You proved to be at least “mad scientist crazy” rather than “homeless guy crazy.” There as a definite goal and method to your madness, which I have to respect.

    #2. I couldn’t look away. It was car crash blogging, indeed. Nothing bad happened, but the potential for some awful consequence always hung in the air like some potential electrical storm. That possibility more than anything made me click your every G+ update – yes, I am a very bad, bad person.

    #3. That was some dang awesome looking Sushi! I couldn’t have finished it, Sushi fills me up so quick.

    Nice series of posts, it was definitely one for the record books.

    Tim Cunningham

    • Sandra Clark says:

      I laughed reading this. I’m very interested in real food and I did a lot of reading on this. One reason I tracked so much was to keep on top of what was happening to me. I have to admit a lot of trepidation when I got those high fasting numbers, but luckily for me Keith Campbell calmed me down and the numbers did indeed go down. So I was much more prepared for the next bump.

      Part of doing this so publicly was its one of the only ways I have of proving that what the CDC and FDA tries to tell us about raw milk is untrue. It’s so much better then pasteurized milk. For a myriad of reasons.

      It does require finding a good, clean source. Which means a small family farm. Unfortunately, our small, family farms are under attack and are having a hard time surviving. The more we support them, the better we are as individuals and as a nation. If you are interested in finding a source of raw milk in your area, I would suggest seeing if there is a chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation in your state. Weston A. Price was a dentist who was interested in finding out what caused cavities. As a result in the 1930’s he traveled to and studied many indigenous societies where some tribes were eating their native diet and other tribes had succumbed to the industrialized diet of canned food, white flour and sugar. His findings (and photographs) were put into a book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration which is fascinating

      I might be crazy but I prefer being described as “thoughtful”. I think about and research the foods I buy and eat very carefully. Including raw milk. I challenge everyone to research out what’s going on and do the same. It goes far beyond “Pink Slime”.

      The sushi, unfortunately is an image from Wikipedia. I forgot to take a picture of mine but yes, it was some darn fine sushi.

      • Sandy, you may not know my record of compulsive one-up-manship, therefore you may be depressed to learn about my 6 week 100% unpasteurized naturally home brew beer diet. On this “BrewFather” diet I will not only go from stick thin Nerdling to a buff super hero Adonis, I will gain physic powers!

        The gauntlet has been thrown: BOOM!