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Deutsch: Ein Glas Milch English: A glass of mi...

9.3 ounces per hour

(For 3 weeks, I did the milk cure, drinking 3 1/2 quarts to 1 gallon of raw milk each day. Except for water, all I had was milk. This is a series of posts (25) keeping track each day. For the entire series, start out on “Trying Something Old“). All links to the series is at the bottom of each article.)

Today marks the halfway point on this journey. I’m still amazed at how satisfied I am just drinking raw milk. I was asked today if I miss chewing or crunching and the answer is still no.  I have to admit that there is a little bit of torture in reading about food. I’ve seen a few recipes I want to make and rather than make them, I’m marking them down and will be making them later on.

For someone who loves food and different tastes and textures, this is a surprise to me. I really thought I would have just gotten bored so far and decided to stop.  But I’m not.  There is something soothing about the taste of milk. I’ve seen babies turn away from other foods, but never milk. There is a reason for that. (and this from someone who hated milk growing up.  Of course that was pasteurized milk).

I’m starting to plan my canning for the summer. What recipes do I want to make this year?  What do I repeat from last year and what do I not make again?  Again, slightly weird to be planning about food when I’m not eating it right now.

Today has been the first day at work since I’ve started feeling better. I’m amazed at the difference.  I’m not feeling antsy and my concentration is really good today. Last week, between the headaches and the shoulder aches, it was difficult to stay in one place and do my work. This week, I’m breezing through it.

I’m still really tired when I get home, and want a nap. Unfortunately, the chimes start right when my eyes are finally closing and I’m forced to get up and pour myself another glass of milk. Then I’m awake for a while. The milk cure is really trying to get me to rest. I wish I could do more of that.


Being My Own Human Guinea Pig

Weight is slightly up, but it feels as if this weight loss counts.

Fasting glucose went up again, which surprised me, I would have thought the walk yesterday would have helped.  But it’s not as high as day’s 3 and 4 and I’m confident they will go down again.

And yes, my tongue is still whitish.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
Day 1 200.2 98.2 115 120 103
Day 2 198.2 100.2/99.1 124 115 129
Day 3 197.2 97.9 150 96 119
Day 4 198.0 98.1 151 116 107
Day 5 197.4 98.1 116 105 101
Day 6 198.0 97.8 134 113 106
Day 7 198.2 98.2 134 107 85
Day 8 197.8 97.9 99 102 107
Day 9 197.8 98.1 105 95 93
Day 10 196.6 98.3 94 112 105
Day 11  196.8 97.9 142 114 92

4 Responses to “Milk Cure 2012: Day 11 – Halfway There”

  1. Lola LB says:

    Yeah . . . I HATE drinking milk but I love cheese, yogurt, etc. Pasteurized milk, of course. One of these days I’m going to have to try raw milk and see if it sits with me better.

    • Sandra Clark says:

      I was the same way. Yogurt is fermented which eats the milk sugars that are hard for many to digest. The harder a cheese is, the easier it has been for me to eat since the longer it sits, the more milk sugars it consumes. I’m definitely thinking of trying my hand at making cheese this summer.

  2. Shaya says:

    I just wanted to thank you for doing a fine job at documenting you journey with the milk cure, its very helpful…….thank you!!

  3. Cyana says:

    Just came across this looking for information on selling raw “pet quality” milk here in NC. I have a jersey cow I enjoy milking. I do it so I can enjoy the raw stuff. I make aged cheese with my excess milk. What a shame that something so wholesome is so regulated. Jeez!

    I’m going to bookmark your blog and follow your efforts.

    Warmest and Kindest Regards,

    Cyana Briles
    just a granola farm girl