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Milk Cure: Day 5

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(For 3 weeks, I did the milk cure, drinking 3 1/2 quarts to 1 gallon of raw milk each day. Except for water, all I had was milk. This is a series of posts (25) keeping track each day. For the entire series, start out on “Trying Something Old“). All links to the series is at the bottom of each article.)

I slept well last night.  Had the window open and since it was so warm, I ended up spending most of the night with just a sheet over me. I think I finally pulled the comforter over me around 3am. I woke up happy and clear-headed and I do believe my low-grade headache has finally gone. I am noticing a constant ache of my shoulders right below my neck. Its pretty annoying and makes it hard to stay in one position. Especially when I’m working at the computer. Usually when I have back problems, they are in my lower back, so this is different and possibly another detox.

I’m noticing my hands. As I’ve been aging, I’ve noticed that the skin on the back of my hands is thinning and starting to look wrinkled. Today I just looked down on them and the wrinkling isn’t as obvious.  My skin seems moister and more pliable.

My mind is clear today, I’m able to concentrate at work (or more so, the shoulder ache makes it a bit hard), but my mind isn’t wandering as much as it was earlier in the week.  (Good thing too, since my work is all about concentration!)

There’s freedom in only drinking milk.  I’m not thinking about what to eat, how to cook it or what to shop for.  Prepping lunch for work is as easy as getting a cup and the gallon of milk and putting it into a bag. I’m not hungry at all (unless I miss a milk drinking time). I’m not fantasizing about what I’m going to eat. The only time I have to do anything food related besides drink the milk is the drive to get it once a week.

I had to go to a meeting last night. I was uncomfortable and had a number of trips to the restroom to deal with gas mainly. I’m supposed to drive 3 hours up to Pennsylvania this weekend.  I’m definitely re-thinking that at the moment. Will probably have to make a decision by tomorrow.

Being My Own Human Guinea Pig

I’m really glad to see that I’m still on track with losing weight. I really thought I would be gaining weight on this cure. But the scale isn’t lying.  While I’m not down to the day 3 low, I’m pretty close.  Basal temperature is still within a normal range.

I’m really glad my glucose levels are down. Waking up to a 116 fasting level after two mornings of 150’s feels like a gift.  It also reiterates to me that I’m not going to stop when something looks wrong for a day or two. I need to trust myself, the milk and my body to get back on track.  I would be more worried if the numbers stayed consistent for at least a week. In fact today’s glucose readings look very close to my baseline readings for the first time. I’m hoping they stay on that track, or improve.

I also noticed that my tongue is white today. It doesn’t scrape off.  It definitely wasn’t there yesterday since I had a dentist appointment and no one said anything there.  Apparently it’s caused by a toxic buildup (can you say detoxing boys and girls?  I knew you could). So again, nothing to worry about (apparently, its been kind of common for others doing the milk cure)  and will go away.  I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
Day 1 200.2 98.2 115 120 103
 Day 2 198.2  100.2/99.1  124  115  129
 Day 3 197.2 97.9  150  96 119
Day 4 198.0 98.1 151 116 107
Day 5  197.4 98.1 116 105 101


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2 Responses to “Milk Cure: Day 5”

  1. Sharon says:

    I admit, those high fastings would’ve spooked me.

    • Sandra Clark says:

      They did, but Keith’s comment on my Day 3 post calmed me down about it. Its basically a symptom of detox (or at least that’s how I’m choosing to look at it).