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A bottle of green-top (raw, unpasturised) milk...

Still drinking raw milk

(For 3 weeks, I did the milk cure, drinking 3 1/2 quarts to 1 gallon of raw milk each day. Except for water, all I had was milk. This is a series of posts (25) keeping track each day. For the entire series, start out on “Trying Something Old“). All links to the series is at the bottom of each article.)

I ended getting to sleep really late for me, after midnight.  I downloaded the Hunger Games trilogy onto my iPad and I got so caught up in the books that I went way past my bedtime.  Still slept well, once I got to sleep and woke up just fine at my regular time.  (Since I have to be at work at 6am during the week, my typical wake-up time is around 4:30 am. Even on the weekends, I wake up around then and then allow myself to go back to sleep.)

Ended up doing a detox bath in the mid-morning. Since GC was over in the afternoon, I wanted to get it in. I put on some meditative music, pour in Epsom salts and baking soda and my special detox oil and just lay in there, relaxing and floating away. I’m thinking of adding some ginger to my detox bath for the rest of this week.  I really like the fact that I’m seeing some sweating (not a lot, but more than I’ve ever done in my life) and I’d like to promote that and encourage it.  It seems that adding ginger to my bath (fresh grated or powdered) might be just the trick to doing so.

One of the hardest things on this milk cure is the regimentation.  The fact that I have to drink my milk ration at specific times during the day (hourly) is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing since I don’t get hungry during the time I’m doing it (or even the 12 hours I’m not) and so I’m not tempted by food at all.  The curse of course is that the regimentation takes up my day. I’m planning errands around getting back to drink my milk in time (or having to carry milk with me).  I still have to be up by 7am to start which means no sleeping in for me or even real naps (I am not a cat napper). Long term activities are out right now (with the exception of work where I just take my gallon with me). Even stuff around the house needs to be worked into the milk schedule. I’ll be glad when I can return to my regularly scheduled life.

But, as I keep having to remind myself, this is a rest cure. It’s about taking myself out of that regular schedule and allowing my mind and my body to rest.  This is something that people would actually took 4-6 weeks out of their life and headed to a sanatorium to “take the cure”. Its meant to be disruptive to your daily life and force the rest your body needs to allow the healing.  I’m not sure how easy this would be for someone whose responsibilities require them to be on all the time. It’s definitely something to plan for and carve out time for.  In choosing to do this the way I have, I’m lucky in that I am single with no children and have no one else to be responsible for.

Being My Own Human Guinea Pig

My basal temperature is again slowly rising consistently. I’m hopeful that it will stay at this end, because if it does, then its a possible indicator that my metabolism is actually starting to speed up. Normal Basal Temperatures are between 97.8 and 98.2.  Mine has been mostly normal.  I’m happy in the 98.2 or 98.3 range.  I’m noticing that when my basal rate is higher the chances of my losing weight are greater. (It’s not a 1:1 ratio (there is Day 7 where I gained weight when my basal rate was 98.2), but other than that consistently when my rate has been 98.2 or higher, I’ve lost weight.

Another half pound down this morning!  Almost 6 pounds gone in 2 1/2 weeks.  That is amazing. If I don’t lose anymore weight during this time period, I’ll still be happy with the results.

Blood Glucose came up for fasting and noon-time tests.  It’s still consistently lower than it was in the first week and a half, so I’ll take it. Unfortunately, I noticed that I’m almost out of glucose strips. I ran to the drugstore yesterday, but they only had packs of 100 strips for about $60.  Sorry, not paying that, I ordered some from Amazon (50 for $17) and I’m hopeful that they will be here by tomorrow.

The white furrow is slowly fading and I’m confident that my tongue will be totally back to normal at some time this week.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
Day 1 200.2 98.2 115 120 103
Day 2 198.2 100.2/99.1 124 115 129
Day 3 197.2 97.9 150 96 119
Day 4 198.0 98.1 151 116 107
Day 5 197.4 98.1 116 105 101
Day 6 198.0 97.8 134 113 106
Day 7 198.2 98.2 134 107 85
Day 8 197.8 97.9 99 102 107
Day 9 197.8 98.1 105 95 93
Day 10 196.6 98.3 94 112 105
Day 11 196.8 97.9 142 114 92
Day 12 196.8 97.9 98 103 103
Day 13 196.8 98.0 112 100 89
Day 14 197.2 98.1 107 107 95
Day 15 197.2 98.1 91 92 81
Day 16 196.2 98.2 97 96 96
Day 17 195.6 98.3 107  110 97


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2 Responses to “Milk Cure 2012: Day 17”

  1. Wow. Your dedication to this cure is admirable.

    But the thing I find most interesting is that we share the the “lack of sweating” issue. I thought I was alone on that.. I almost never sweat. It takes a huge amount of effort, heat and humidity for me to sweat. Mostly I just turn, “red” and have to take a nap or a cold shower. Please let me know if your sweating continues after the milk cure finishes.