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3 Responses to “Thank You for Commenting”

  1. LisaSpiral says:

    This site looks like it will be a good resource. Thank you.

  2. Dogwood says:

    Thanks, Jenny. I love your site and am looking forward to getting many more of the recipes/techniques under my belt so they are second nature and not such a time consuming process. I am ready to be much more real food wise and productive in my kitchen. I have always been a good cook and have been dabbling in the Weston Price ideas since my first was born 17 years ago in an attempt to make the very best for her. 6 children later with most of them in or nearing the teenage years I am more able to have larger blocks of time to devote to it and also have some very eager helpers. We also have moved to a much larger area and have land to really garden so I need to be ready for canning, freezing, pickling….. It is sometimes overwhelming to think of it all so I don’t and just try to plan the best I can for what’s coming up. The challenge of preparing food for the 9 of us also adds a real challenge as well as to the time and expense too. Hopefully the garden will offset the cost of the grass fed meat so that we can eat it exclusively soon. Anyway, thanks so much again for all you put on your site that makes it so accessible. I really enjoy it and appreciate it! I’m sure that you are effecting many more people than you realize.

    • Sandra Clark says:

      You are welcome. I’m glad my site is useful to people. Wow. 9 people to feed. I’m sure your garden will help with that. If you need extras for canning see if a local farm store sells seconds. I can get a box of tomatoes that aren’t perfect, but great for canning for $16. Since I can make 12 pints of tomato sauce out of it I’m getting a lot of food for the money. When stuff is plentiful and in season it’s cheap.

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