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(For 3 weeks, I did the milk cure, drinking 3 1/2 quarts to 1 gallon of raw milk each day. Except for water, all I had was milk. This is a series of posts (25) keeping track each day. For the entire series, start out on “Trying Something Old“). All links to the series is at the bottom of each article.)

A bottle of green-top (raw, unpasturised) milk...

My entire source of nutrition for the past tw days and in the future.

I slept with my window open last night, even though the temperature was supposed to get down to 34 degrees this morning. It helped. I slept well, the problem of course being that we changed from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time. I have an excellent internal clock and re-setting it takes about a week. So for a week, I walk around with the time my body says it should be and the time the clock says it is out of sync.  It’s never fun.

I still have a slight headache, but its less than yesterday. My mind is clear and my energy levels are fantastic. It’s quite possible that my headache is related to giving up caffeine during this time period.

Going to drinking milk on the hour rather than every 30 minutes means I have more time to do other things. (I literally was forced to do very little the last two days as I had (2) 15 minute periods an hour where I could do something other than drink my raw milk. Now that I’m on a better schedule (10.6 ounces of milk every hour), I’m able to do more than sit on the couch reading or watching television.  (Though remember, the original cure was all about the bed rest).

I was able to do my yoga routine and that was interesting.  My balance was off and I wasn’t able to hold those types of poses as easily or as long as I usually do. I was able to also do an interval training routine on my Nordic Trac for 30 minutes. I’m thinking that right now an hour of exercise is enough. I’m going to hold off on my fitness training for a while and see how I do with just what I did today.

My boyfriend (GC) came over for the evening and night. I made him dinner, and while it wasn’t hard to do the cooking, it’s not something I want to do daily.  Once isn’t going to test my will-power, more than that would probably do so. I didn’t sit with him while he ate though. He was good about it and took all the leftovers out of the house with him this morning. I’m glad too since I hate wasting food, having it around would not have been good.

Being My Own Human Guinea Pig

I lost another pound overnight, which is amazing to me. Now that I’m over the 198 hump, I’m much more inclined to accept that I am losing weight on the milk cure.  It’s a curious scenario, especially for those who believe that losing weight is truly calories in, calories out.  On a usual day, I tend to eat between 1300-1700 calories. A gallon of milk is between  2650 – 2800 a day.  Almost double what I was eating, and yet I’m losing weight on it.

Basal temperatures are back down to a more normal level. I wonder if that means the worst part of the detoxing is over?

I was very unhappy with my glucose level this morning, but as I said, my research did show that glucose levels could go up during a detox. I’m still committed to this for at least two weeks, so I’m still willing to wait and see.  Especially with my weight falling. Interesting though how an hour of exercise brought it down to the lowest its been since I started this.  So exercise is definitely something that I’m going to have to do, hopefully on a daily basis.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
Day 1 200.2 98.2 115 120 103
 Day 2 198.2  100.2/99.1  124  115  129
 Day 3 197.2 97.9  150  96 119

One Response to “Milk Cure 2012: Day 3 – Ups and Downs”

  1. Keith Campbell says:

    Often, a high in the morning is the result of going too low overnight — your liver panics and spits out some sugar into your system. Google “dawn phenomenon”, also known as “liver leak”. (Charming term. :-/ )