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3 gallons of raw milk

Day 3 of my raw Milk Cure Journey

I’m sleeping really well so far this time. Actually I’ve been sleeping well most of this year. For the past year I’ve experienced insomnia.  Not the “I can’t get to sleep” insomnia. I had to deal with the “It’s 1:00 in the morning, and I’m awake and can’t get to sleep” insomnia. I finally realized why.  I was too hot. My internal temperature regulator has always been haywire.  I don’t sweat enough to cool my body down and even when my body feels hot to other (nickname in some relationships is “the furnace”) I might feel cold at the same time. It seems that it’s getting worse as I got older.

But since I knew the problem, I was able to figure out a solution.  Window open at night, even in the winter. I found through experimentation, that I slept best when the room is between 54 and 57 degrees.  On the coldest nights (when the temperatures are in the 20’s or low 30’s) , I’d open my windows at 7:30 (when my heat kicked off) and let my  bedroom cool off.  Once it was at a good temperature, I’d shut the window.  Poor GC, sleeps cold, but luckily for him I have a mattress heater.  Unluckily for him, his sleeping place in my bed is right next to the window.

I’m still waking up early, no rest for the milk drinkers. But at least this morning, I woke up with no headache, no body aches and feeling pretty good.

Today, marks a change in how I take the milk.  Instead of drinking 5.3 ounces of milk every half hour for 12 hours, today I start taking 10.6 cups of milk every hour. It’s a much more sustainable way of doing this and makes it easier to get things done. I’ll stay at the once an hour scenario for the rest of this journey.

As the day progressed, the effects of the detox were stronger. I ended up spending much of the day alternatively dozing, watching some television and drinking milk. Mornings, so far are the times to get things done, I’m hoping that changes tomorrow since I’ll be working.

Luckily by late evening, I realized that my headache was finally gone.  Its been a quiet day, not much to report, but today, I never experienced any hunger, even though I went from drinking every half hour to every hour. I guess the larger amount of milk each time is more satisfying? (Though it ends up being the same amount of milk per hour either way).

No detox bath tonight. Instead meditation and some reiki. Tomorrow will be interesting, I hope the detoxing symptoms recede, I really want to get back to exercising.

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Vital Statistics

Weight is up slightly today, matching Day 1. My fasting glucose, while still high, isn’t as high as today’s date last year (150), for which I’m grateful for. My tongue is still slightly white, but not entirely at this point. Overall, I’m pleased with my vitals so far.


Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline From 2012 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
End Result Milk Cure 2012 196.0 97.9 103 82 120
Baseline From 2013 176.6 98.1 103 102 81
Day 0 (Juice Fast) 174.4 98.3 103 121 90
Day 1 174.4 98.1 116 104 100
Day 2 174.0 97.9 119 106 104
Day 3 174.4 98.3 114 101  100

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