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4 gallons of raw milk

Day 4 of my raw milk cure journey

I woke up at 4am, but stayed in bed until my usual get up time of 5:40. Not much to do this morning before I started work at 6am, so I could have actually stayed in bed a bit longer.

I felt good the entire morning, no headache or body aches.  My mind has been clear and I managed to do a lot of work. I also managed to actually exercise.

If you hadn’t followed my last fitness post let me fill you in. I started a program called “Body By You“, a fitness program that uses your own body weight and a few items you might have around (doors, towels). I did it for 3 weeks in February, then wasn’t able to continue in March for various reasons.  Still I wanted to get back to it. I promised myself that if I felt okay today, that I would actually do it.  And I did.  I went back to the first week and cycle, but that’s okay.  It was challenging, but that is as it should be.  Best of all, it takes about a half hour and I can do it at home.  Totally fits in with my milk drinking schedule.  I’m hoping I can continue with it, but that will depend on how my body is doing with the milk cure.

Last year was a series of ups and downs, I postulated that the ups were when one set of toxins was dispersed and that the down’s related to new toxins that were being worked on.  Even though so far, this one has been relatively easy (gastro-wise, I’m nowhere near last year’s issues at this point). I still can’t predict what will happen. Part of this is simply letting what will happen, happen.  So while I’m hopeful that I can do the exercises three times a week, I can’t guarantee it.

Yesterday I got an email from a reader asking me about the books I used to find out about the milk cure and it’s protocols. For those interested, the books are:

One of the interesting and true things I learned from my reading is that your body will let you know what the proper amount of milk is.  Too little and you suffer from constipation.  Too much and you are dealing with diarrhea.  While my day was pretty good, by early evening, my body told me pretty definitively that I’m on too much milk. So as of tomorrow I’m dropping it to 3 1/2 quarts.  I’ll be drinking 9.3 ounces each hour instead of 10.6. Not enough on an hourly basis for me to feel it, but hopefully my body will be better. For the record, this is a full three days earlier than last year.

After receiving the message that I’m drinking too much milk, I definitely need the restorative effects of the detox bath last night.

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Vital Statistics

Weight is starting to drop slightly, showing a pattern that is normal for me. The pattern is usually, drop to a new low weight, then gain it back, lose it slowly until I’m back at the original low and then drop again. During my regular way of eating, and weight loss, this takes about a week.  It seems to be happening faster now.

Glucose is again much lower than last year. (151, 116, 107) which pleases me. The lower glucose levels (though still higher than they would be on my regular low carbohydrate way of eating) indicate to me a level of health that I didn’t have last year. What’s also interesting is how steady it remained throughout the day.

My tongue seems the same as yesterday, slightly white, but not overly so.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline From 2012 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
End Result Milk Cure 2012 196.0 97.9 103 82 120
Baseline From 2013 176.6 98.1 103 102 81
Day 0 (Juice Fast) 174.4 98.3 103 121 90
Day 1 174.4 98.1 116 104 100
Day 2 174.0 97.9 119 106 104
Day 3 174.4 98.3 114 101 100
Day 4 174.2 97.9 111 106 109

2 Responses to “Raw Milk Cure 2013: Day 4”

  1. Cyana says:

    You’ve inspired me to try the milk cure. That and watching week old calves run through the pasture with their tails up having a big time playing with each other. They nurse their mothers, they power nap and then power play; repeat often……
    I’m blessed to live a lifestyle that will be conducive to the milk cure, I live on a farm and hand milk jersey milk cows, sometimes one a day sometimes three, it depends where my cows are in their lactation. Currently it’s one; a young jersey heifer (first time mother). She is supplying the house with about six quarts of milk a day. I have been making butter and cheese with the excess. I’ve always enjoyed drinking fresh raw milk and it’s the reason I learned to milk a cow. We’ve always had a few beef cows on the farm so a few years ago I purchased a jersey milk cow, I’ve been in love ever since.
    Starting today I’ll be consuming nothing but milk……….fresh from the cow.