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7 gallons of raw milk

Second Week and 14th Day of my Raw Milk Cure

Woke up this morning at 4:30.  As usual for most mornings on the cure, I’m feeling fine. Ready to do my regular work today.

Output is still not coming anywhere close to input, despite feelings of urgency.   I am down to 3 1/4 quarts of milk (13 cups) now.  Since I’m losing less than an ounce per hour, I’m not noticing it too much. I did feel slight hunger pains in the evening, but not enough to make me want to eat anything.

Tonight was a much better night than I’ve had for the last few.  A storm is coming in, so it was much cooler.  Cool enough to shut the air conditioner off and open the windows.

My weekend plans (depending on how I’m feeling) are to change out my closet to spring clothes, and move all my planters from below my deck to my deck.  If I have the time and energy, I’ll also haul the dirt that has been resting all year under the deck back onto the deck and fill the planters.  (Those are my plans, they may change).  I can’t plant here until the second weekend in May, but I can start getting it ready. All of this involves multiple trips up and down stairs, hauling heavy items by the way.

As I pick up my milk order today, I’m reminded that I’m at the end of my second week on the cure.  I’m thinking about food, especially since I have a camping trip planned for a few weeks from now.  What we are going to eat, what I need to prepare.  I’m making a pulled pork, and since that freezes well, I’m probably going to start that this weekend as well.  I got the cultures for my cheeses yesterday, but I’m not making the cheeses until April 27th.  (Since I’m making fresh cheeses for camping, I’d like them to be as fresh as possible).I even started my first grocery shopping list! But all my food thinking is for the future.  No cravings, no wishing I could eat now.  Which is nice. Still making yogurt.  So long as I have extra milk, I’ll be making yogurt.

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Vital Statistics

Weight is up slightly today, which considering that I’m still bloated and drank over 5 quarts of liquid yesterday (3 1/2 quarts of milk, + 52 ounces of water), I’m totally not surprised at the situation.  Add into it that I’m at a time where I’m retaining water, and I’m neither surprised or worried.  I’m still about a pound and a half down from when I started this.

Last year was definitely about weight loss. This year seems to be other things.  Both things I can track and things that are happening that I have no idea about. Regardless, my glucose numbers are really good.  Even though I’m at 101 today for fasting  it’s still so much better than where I have been.

My tongue is much pinker today. Not totally back to normal, but almost.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline From 2012 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
End Result Milk Cure 2012 196.0 97.9 103 82 120
Baseline From 2013 176.6 98.1 103 102 81
Day 0 (Juice Fast) 174.4 98.3 103 121 90
Day 1 174.4 98.1 116 104 100
Day 2 174.0 97.9 119 106 104
Day 3 174.4 98.3 114 101 100
Day 4 174.2 97.9 111 106 109
Day 5 174.6 98.0 108 93 100
Day 6 176.4 98.2 96 107 99
Day 7 176.8 98.0 107 121 117
Day 8 174.8 98.0 107 84 87
Day 9 174.4 98.1 106 96 90
Day 10 175.0 98.2 111 104 103
Day 11 174.2 97.9 95 123 95
Day 12 174.8 98.2 87 94 88
Day 13 174.2 97.9 87 86 85
Day 14 175.2 97.9 101  92 89

One Response to “Raw Milk Cure 2013: Day 14”

  1. Cyana says:

    Having a good day, was up half a pound but considering the weight loss I’ve had so far I will not complain. Enjoying yogurt with frozen berries, it’s a nice treat and I can eat it with a spoon.