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For whatever reason, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of making my own condiments this year. Part of it is control, but the other part has been trying to make condiments which are healthier. I created a ketchup a few weeks ago and this time, my attention has turned to mustard.

So while I’ve been making condiments, the question always arises as to why ferment them?  For one reason, it’s a way of preservation.  Fermented foods, even when refrigerated will last much longer then non-fermented foods. The fermentation process itself also transforms food into producing more nutrients.

So I’ve got a quart plus of ketchup in the refrigerator now, and its time to start on that other ubiquitous condiment, mustard. I found the recipe on-line at WellPreserved. I tend to have always liked whole-grained, spicy mustards and the fermentation process will deepen the complexity of the condiment. So I assembled all my ingredients and started.

Ingredients for Fermented Mustard

I bought brown mustard seeds from Penzey’s. Brown mustard is spicier then yellow. I also used whey from my yogurt making to help speed up the fermentation process.  I ended up tripling the recipe to be able to fill the entire Pickl-It.

Grinding the Mustard Seeds

I ended up mixing in all the liquids into the bowl first. Then I used a dedicated spice grinder (actually a coffee grinder that I only use for spices and dehydrated vegetables) to grind up the mustard.  It was interesting that the brown seeds covered up a beautiful yellow that was revealed when ground.

All ingredients added and ready to stir

Once everything was added, it was simply a case of stirring it together and trying not to sneeze.  The mustard seeds are very strong

The combined mustard now goes into the fermenter for a few weeks.

I had the entire mustard made and into the fermenter within 15 minutes.  The longest part is simply letting it sit in the dark and resisting the urge to do anything with it.

Once I took it out, I tried it.  Wow.  I will never go back to mustards that are purchased.  There really is something special about this one.

So far I’ve got mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise down. (Though I haven’t fermented mayo yet). A friend sent me a link to fermented hot sauces.  It might be something I try next year.

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