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Week 3 and the 16th day of my raw milk cure journey

For the first time since this started, I “slept in”. Meaning I didn’t wake up until 6:30. That’s 9 1/2 hours of sleep. No headache, and I felt really good this morning.

I spent part of this morning, prepping a pork shoulder roast for the stock pot. Yesterday I put it in a marinade of 2:1 white vinegar and water with some salt. Today, I poured off some of the marinade, added onions and a spice mix of cumin, chili, mustard and brown sugar. Except I didn’t use regular brown sugar. Most brown sugar sold in stores is made with beet sugar which is GMO. I’m avoiding GMOs, so instead I mixed 1/2 cup of organic cane sugar with 1/2 tablespoon of molasses. Since that is what brown sugar is anyways, it works. I don’t normally use sugar for anything but canning and even then I use the least I can get away with. (Sugar has antiseptic properties). But I’ve been informed that proper pulled pork needs some sweeteners. I used less than the recipe called for though.

Since mornings are the only time of day that I can expect to feel reasonably well, I used it productively. 2 hours spent studying and then another 2 hours hauling all my planters from storage up to the deck as well as hauling the dirt I stored under the deck to fill them. I direct sowed some seeds I had: sage, cilantro and lettuce as well as snapdragon seeds I saved from last year. I hope they come up, but the rest of the deck garden will have to wait to be planted until after my camping trip.

It was so nice outside, I spent part of the afternoon on the deck, listening to music and alternating reading and dozing. And drinking my milk of course. I could smell the pork roast and while it smelled yummy, I wasn’t craving it. I could work with it just fine and wasn’t tempted to try it.

Today has been  one of my good days. I might have the time to go through one more detoxing cycle before this is finished. Hopefully it won’t be until after tomorrow. I’d like to have a good day with GC.

No detox bath this night, I need to make time for one tomorrow though before GC comes over. To bed and asleep by 9:30.

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Vital Statistics

My weight is steady, just slightly down from yesterday. Still the idea that someone will gain weight on this cure simply because milk has so many calories is pretty ridiculous. I lost almost 6 pounds last year. One of my readers, Cyana, has lost 10 pounds this year. This year, while I’m really not losing weight, I’m definitely not gaining it. I think people gaining weight on this would be the ones who needed to.

Glucose numbers are in the lower range for the 5th day in a row, which makes it not a fluke. Since being diagnosed as a pre-diabetic over 12 years ago, I can’t begin to express the joy I’m seeing in looking at those numbers. Having two parents who were diagnosed as Type II diabetics and seeing up close what the disease can do to people. I’m very glad that all the changes in my eating I’ve done over the years (and the raw milk) as a direct result of watching my parents and being told that I was a prime candidate to become diabetic is paying off. The funny thing is I didn’t listen to the doctors in terms of my diet, I did my own research, went low carbohydrate and so long as I’ve stayed low carbohydrate (no grains and no starchy vegetables), it has paid off.  I can also tell you that I’ll be less afraid of fresh dairy after this round of the milk cure. Last year, I still did raw milk, but I mostly ingested it fermented in the forms of yogurt, kefir and cheese because I was afraid of the milk sugars.

My tongue is almost pink today.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline From 2012 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
End Result Milk Cure 2012 196.0 97.9 103 82 120
Baseline From 2013 176.6 98.1 103 102 81
Day 0 (Juice Fast) 174.4 98.3 103 121 90
Day 1 174.4 98.1 116 104 100
Day 2 174.0 97.9 119 106 104
Day 3 174.4 98.3 114 101 100
Day 4 174.2 97.9 111 106 109
Day 5 174.6 98.0 108 93 100
Day 6 176.4 98.2 96 107 99
Day 7 176.8 98.0 107 121 117
Day 8 174.8 98.0 107 84 87
Day 9 174.4 98.1 106 96 90
Day 10 175.0 98.2 111 104 103
Day 11 174.2 97.9 95 123 95
Day 12 174.8 98.2 87 94 88
Day 13 174.2 97.9 87 86 85
Day 14 175.2 97.9 101 92 88
Day 15 174.6 97.7 93 99 84
Day 16 174.4 98.1 91 83  91

One Response to “Raw Milk Cure 2013: Day 16”

  1. Cyana says:

    Weight held steady. At least the upward trend has ended. Now if I wait patiently for a few days it might think about going back down.

    Confession: I did eat a small amount of pan seared turkey breast last night. I ate it on top of a small bed of spinach from the garden with a bit of balsamic vinegar. I expected it to give me a tummy ache but it didn’t. Today I’m back to only milk and maybe a smoothy tonight. About a week ago I thought I could add raw eggs to this cure. I’ve always enjoyed eggs. Well no go, every time I’d down a whole raw egg I would get the worst tummy ache and feel horrible. When I drink raw milk there are plenty of enzymes present to help digest the milk, when I eat meat, for example wild turkey breast, while I’m chewing very slowly the receptors in my mouth are busy sending signals to my stomach telling it what type of acids are needed to start breaking this kind of protein down and also sending signals to my small intestines about what type of enzymes to start making in preparation for digestion. I wonder if when I down a whole raw egg that there is no time for warning my stomach or intestines about what is on it’s way, thus creating tummy aches when it gets there. I also wonder about a raw egg by itself. It slips right down my throat, I couldn’t chew it if I wanted to, it’s so slippery. I wonder if when the egg hits my stomach if it doesn’t try to slip right into the small intestines? Anyways, I’d like to think I’m not allergic to eggs, but that maybe it’s not best to swallow them whole and raw? All the hard core “Paleo People” swear by raw eggs…………sheez……I tried.