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2 gallons of milk

Day 9 of my raw milk cure journey

I’m sleeping really well on this milk cure, if nothing else, it seems to be a cure for my insomnia this time. Woke up at 5, and went straight back to sleep until 6.

Because of the constant bathroom trips, I’m cutting down my milk intake again. Since I’ve been on 15 cups (10.0 ounces per hour) for the last two days, I’m going to cut it down to 14 cups (9.3 ounces per hour). I’m still experiencing runs, so its time to cut down again.

Mornings into early afternoon still seem to be the time to get things done. My mind is clear and my body is cooperating.  One of the first things I did today was get in some studying.  I managed three chapters of my pharmacology class.  I also finally turned on my outside water, hooked up my hoses and brought the back hose up to my deck. (This is usually done about a month earlier, but as those of you on the East Coast know, the ground-hog lied and it’s been a very long winter.) I also cleaned my grill which is a dirty job, but has to be done yearly.  It’s nice to know that it will be working when GC is over tomorrow in case he wants to grill himself something for dinner.

So I worked hard all morning and afternoon, waiting for the shoe to drop. To start feeling unwell. It never happened. I felt great all day.  Well I’m not regular today, but with all the bathroom runs yesterday and the day before it’s not too surprising.  Again, for me this is a cyclical process.  I’ll have detoxing days and then other days I feel great. Its like some of the toxins in my body have been ferreted out, my body feels great and then another layer of the onion is peeled and wham, I’m detoxing again.  Still, the cycles this year are shorter and thus more frequent than last year.

I’m pretty pleased.

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Vital Statistics

Down a half pound again!  Still not at the low of Day 2, but I’ll take the down-ward weight movement. Fasting glucose lowering again slowly, but about on track with this week. Noon glucose reading surprised me, I was expecting a reading in the 100.

While I’m hoping for a weight loss tomorrow, I’m unsure whether or not I’ll see it.  The fact that I’ve been retaining most of the fluids from today tells me that I’m probably going to be bloated tomorrow.

The white on my tongue is fading. The furrow of my tongue is no longer completely white. Instead my entire tongue is pretty even with a very light pink.

Day Weight Basal Temp Glucose: Fasting Glucose: Noon Glucose: Bed
Baseline From 2012 201.4 97.9 114 104 110
End Result Milk Cure 2012 196.0 97.9 103 82 120
Baseline From 2013 176.6 98.1 103 102 81
Day 0 (Juice Fast) 174.4 98.3 103 121 90
Day 1 174.4 98.1 116 104 100
Day 2 174.0 97.9 119 106 104
Day 3 174.4 98.3 114 101 100
Day 4 174.2 97.9 111 106 109
Day 5 174.6 98.0 108 93 100
Day 6 176.4 98.2 96 107 99
Day 7 176.8 98.0 107 121 117
Day 8 174.8 98.0 107 84 87
Day 9 174.4 98.1 106 96 90

One Response to “Raw Milk Cure 2013: Day 9”

  1. Cyana says:

    Day 6 – Feeling amazing! I used to wake up and feel like I was in a fog for several hours, but especially the first hour. Now I wake up and feel zippy, wow what a change. I am still drinking my one cup of coffee vs. five or six. I have never experienced any headaches from cutting back? I used to be this great night owl too, now I want to be in bed around ten. I have energy that seems even all day long, at least until the sun goes down and then it’s time to slow down a bit. Trips to the bathroom are now one or two a day. Not much bulk but not much in the way of fiber going in. I had another milk-yogurt-raspberry-banana smoothy last night. I made enough for two and my husband said it was better than a milkshake any day. WOW! he doesn’t even like yogurt.
    I did not have any problem drinking my 10 cups of milk yesterday and then had the yogurt and fruit in my smoothy.
    I will probably continue the evening smoothy routine as it really helps me feel like I’m getting a treat. My husband has requested buttermilk biscuits because I just churned some cream to make butter and have extra buttermilk after giving away a gallon and a half to friends and neighbors. I told my husband he could give the other half gallon to the pasture pigs but he said only after I made him a big batch of buttermilk biscuits. I guess I’ll make them and put them in the oven and tell him to get them out. I’ll go outside and work in the yard. I don’t want to smell them baking.

    My weight went up half a pound. That actually was not a surprise seeing how I dropped three pounds the day before. I may go for a run today!! I just feel like I have so much energy. First time to go milk the cow.