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Believe it or not, while I haven’t been posting, some things have been going on for me.

The set point disappeared.  So far in the first month of the year, I lost 4 1/2 pounds.  I’m officially out of the 180’s.  What is even more amazing is I did it without exercise.  I also did it without changing the way I ate.  So this really was my body adjusting to the weight loss.

I’ve learned a few things through this process.

  1. Now that I’ve found a way of eating to lose weight, I need to stick with it, have faith and realize that even if the weight doesn’t come off the way I think it will, that I just have to have faith in both myself and the process.  I didn’t put this weight on in a year, why do I think I should be able to take it off in a year?
  2. Exercise (or lack there-of) is not contributing to my weight loss.

This doesn’t mean that exercise isn’t important. It is for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with weight loss.  But I’ve also realized that I am not motivating myself to get to the gym and if this is the case, maybe the gym isn’t the best way for me to motivate myself to exercise.  Many (about 90%) of the exercises I’m doing at the gym I can do at home.  Part of the issue is I feel like I should go to the gym and when I don’t, then I just don’t exercise.  But I have dumbbells, a Nordic Trac, a body bar and my Wii with my exercise games right here at home.  When I was exercising at home before I was much more regular than when I was going to the gym.  I started going because I thought I would see better results.  In reality I haven’t.

Part of my issue is my work schedule. I work 4 days a week 10 hours a day.  My current work requires that I be available to other people, so I don’t believe that I can just take off 2 hours to the gym in the middle of the day.  However, I can certainly take 20-30 minutes if I’m home and available for the telephone calls etc.  So hopefully less guilt will result in more exercise.

I’m going to spend the next month at home, attempting to exercise at least three times a week.  I need to have a plan and I promise by the next update I will.  If I manage to do this regularly then I’ll let my gym membership lapse in May.


February 2013 Measurements

Measurement Starting Current Difference
Weight 200 lbs 175.4 lbs -24.60 lbs
Chest 39.00″ 37.00 -2.00″
Waist 36.50″ 31.75 -4.75
Stomach 43.00″ 33.50 -9.50″
Hips 45.00″ 40.50 -4.50″
Thighs 25.25″ 22.25 -3.00″
Biceps 15.50″ 14.40 -1.10″

Just wow.  To give a little perspective, I lost 6.2 pounds since my last official weigh-in in November, 2 inches from my shoulders, and 3 1/2 inches from my stomach.  Recall that this is without exercising. With the exception of my chest, all my measurements are at their lowest.  This feels really good.

Just a Head Up

Last year I spent 3 weeks doing the Raw Milk Cure. I found it interesting to track certain issues in my body and to really spend some time giving my body (especially my digestive system a rest).  In fact I liked it so much I’m going to do it again starting in April.  I’d love it if some of you join me.

I do the milk cure as much as I can based on two books (both are available free on-line:

Just because I do it this way, doesn’t mean you have to. I know people who just drink milk in place of their meals rather than treat it like a rest cure.  If you have a clean raw milk source, then consider joining me on this challenge. I’m going to start doing this on March 30th, (beginning to blog on April 1st) and I plan on going for 3 weeks (mostly because that seems to be all GC can handle of my not eating).  I’ll have a link to the post from the past year as well as a chart detailing my vitals and my experiences. Feel free to follow along with your information in the comments.  Let me know if you are planning on doing this.

Fitness Report Series

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